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Commissions are pay-what-you-want. In other words, they are more like a tip jar; you are not required to add money, but if you choose to it is greatly appreciated. Please do NOT feel guilty for not paying me!

If you would like a commission, send me a note including what you would like along with how you will pay, if at all. Points and PayPal are accepted, but please let me know of any other ways you can pay.

One more thing to note: if you choose to pay, you do not pay anything until after I give it the okay. So throw your ideas at me, it won't hurt to try.

A couple rules:
-No Rule 34. Suggestive is fine, but I will decide whether or not it is suitable.
-No gore.
-Ponies are preferable. Feel free to suggest non-pony, I might feel adventurous.


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United States

Commissions are pay-what-you-want. Refer to my Commissions widget for more info! (Can be found above "Watchers")


Welcome! My name is Slasher0001, or you can just call me "Slasher", the "0001" part has just created to avoid any possibilities of the name already being taken. I will not provide my real name, but those of you resourceful enough should be able to find it somewhere around here.

In case you weren't aware by all the ponies, I am a brony, have been since I started watching the show back in August 2011. Although I've only been drawing ponies (or drawing at all for that matter) since February, and that didn't really take off until late March/early April when I created this drawing.

Because I haven't been drawing for a very long time, it's just something I do every now and then. So I'm sorry if I don't upload anything for extended periods of time :iconsadpinkieplz: (and yes, Pinkie Pie is best pony).

I am very much a gamer and I play a decently sized range of games. I play a lot of shooters and action/adventure games (and yes, I know action/adventure is a very broad genre in gaming). The Pokemon games have always been a favorite of mine since the original red/blue. My favorite games of all time though has to be the Assassin's Creed series.


Best new pony from Cutie Map? 

31 deviants said Double Diamond Double Diamond by katze-des-grauens
29 deviants said Sugar Belle MLP FIM - New Secondary Pony Sugar Belle by Joakaha
26 deviants said Starlight Glimmer Starlight Glimmer by 90Sigma
23 deviants said Night Glider Night Glider by Ambassad0r
12 deviants said Party Favor Party Favor by StePandy

Ponies for Everypony! (Ended)

Journal Entry: Sun May 1, 2016, 11:06 PM

Hey, everyone! So today (or yesterday for most of the world) marks the first day of the month of May. For those of you who were around might remember me doing this two years ago.

If you weren't or just don't remember, this is an event where I will be taking requests for the entire month of May. I will not accept requests after May 31st. However, I'm making some adjustments this time around.

I wanted there to be a difference between these requests and any possible commissions. So, this time I'm going to be limiting requests to headshots.

And speaking of commissions, I'm going to keep it pay-what-you-want, but for this month only I'm going to make it $1.00 or 100 points minimum. It's all just to distinguish between requests and commissions. You can find the commission info on my page

I will also be taking tips for any request if you feel inclined. This is completely optional and in no way required. It's just there if you want to help me out or just appreciate the work. I'll be accepting them either through points or my Paypal account, just let me know by sending me a note with your request or after I finish it, especially if you want to use 

Now, I hear what you're saying. "But how do I request a drawing?" Simply just send me a note here, or send me an ask or message on Tumblr, with the character you want me to draw. You can request either canon characters or OCs. If it's an OC, please include a reference. But please only one character per request, and one request per person. I don't know how many requests I'm going to get and would like to keep it in the realm of reasonable.

I should also add that this is open to everyone, not just watchers and my followers on Tumblr. So, feel free to share this with other people because I want this to be successful in the fact that I get more than 3 this time around, maybe even double digits. That would be cool!

And hey, do this yourself if you want. Think of it as the month to give.

-Send me requests via messaging here or Tumblr
-Canon or OC characters
-Please provide reference for OCs

-Headshots only
-Limit one character per request, one request per person
-Anyone can request, not just watchers/followers

-Month of May only
-Tips are appreciated (not required)
-Commissions minimum $1.00 (100 points) for the month

I think I've included everything I wanted to say, so go and give me some ponies to draw!
(Trixie journal skin because I loved this week's episode)


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